Email Marketing


Advanced & Simple

Publisher Drag & Drop
With our publisher of campaigns drag & drops you only must drag, loosen, talk back and rearrange the images and blocks of content to accelerate the design process.

It uses your Own Design
Accounts with a design that you wish to use as it soles? There is no problem! You will be able to easily load it by means of a link or file.

Groups and Responsive Platform
With Email4Web, any design automatically will be optimized for mobiles, like our platform, so that you can use it from the comfort of your cellular one.

Limitless users by account
You will be able to have multiple users within you yourself account, each with different permissions. (Next)

Special for companies
You will be able to send different attached archives for each contact in a same campaign. (Next)


Statistics Easy To visualize

You will be able to see the statistics through reports minute by minute in line, by means of interactive and simple graphs

Reports in real time

You will be able to know if your post office arrive or not at the inbox, the amount of clicks, bounces, complaints of Spam, among others by means of graphs

That Connections are More popular

You will be able to see where each contact made click. Ideal to make decisions on the format from the next campaign

Cleaning of data bases

We offer service of cleaning to diminish the rate by ricochet, traps anti Spam and that you can maintain a good reputation next to a high arrival to inbox

It begins Now!

We gave the most powerful tools to you with an interface simple and fast to use

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Contacts & Campaigns

Handling of Contacts

You will be able to import and to export massively from excel or CSV, in addition to leaking and publishing your contacts of fast and simple form.

It personalizes your Campaigns

It creates beautiful campaigns of email with customized content, as last name, telephone or another information on which you count in your data base.

Customized support

We offer fast solutions by means of our chat online and ticket of support.
On Email4Web you will count on an excellent support and customized attention.

Million Emails per Hour

We count on an infrastructure able to send up to 15 million post office per hour, fulfilling all the necessary norms.

It segments your Lists

You will be able to use different conditions in your segments to assure you that each shipment arrives at your objective public.

Continuous improvements

We are always realising improvements in our platform and infrastructure to be able to assure the best experience and results for our clients.

Integrations & Automatizations


We simplify to integrations with your website or application. Next our API will allow to create, to administer you, to send, among others functions

Forms of Subscription

Thanks to our publisher you will be able to create and to design forms in minutes to only incorporate to your website.

Auto answers

The car-answers are a sequence of messages that you can send automatically when certain criteria are fulfilled.

Post office based on specific dates

You will be able to send to your clients a customized greeting for his birthday, renovation of contracts and much more.  (Next)

Service of cleaning of data bases

Dent now a service of cleaning of data bases