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Policies of Privacy

Please it reads our policies of privacy. Email4Web can modify this agreement at any time, and these modifications will enter use immediately after warning.

Soluciones Web Ltda., is the first company of BudaMail and is it jeopardize to protect their privacy. Rigorous procedures have been implemented to assure this. The following one is the privacy policy that provides information to him of how their personal data are collected and used.

A. That makes this website with the collected information:

Soluciones Web Ltda. can offer several opportunities to him to their visitors to register itself to informative promotional shipments/or to receive attendance in the evaluation of our software and services. The optional information of our webpage requires formats with its name, company, direction of email like information that helps to determine its referring needs us to our products and services.
Information provided by you in our webpage will be only used by us to be able to provide service to him to the client, to inform to them into new promotions, updates of our webpage or to help them to process new orders in case you need aid. Soluciones Web Ltda. does not share, sells, rent or interchanges information with third people by promotional reason. We reserved the right to disclose its personal information as the law demands it and when we created that the spreading is necessary to protect our rights and/or to fulfill a judicial procedure, order of the court or a legal process in our webpage.
If you buy one of our products or services, our supplier of credit card will request some personal information to him. In the following webpage you must give contact information (as, name, email and physical address) and financial information (as the number of date and the credit card of expiration). They use based SSL to transmit safe information. The information provided to them will only be kept by them, BudaMail will not have access to her.
We used this information to send updates on our company and we will contact them if necessary or he is required. We will use his direction IP to help it to diagnose problems with our servant and to administer our webpage. Also we will make a pursuit him to the type of navigators to help to understand the needs us of our visitors related to our webpage.

B. Option of desuscribir itself

If you register as a member of test or paying, we needed certain personal information. It must provide his information of contact (as, name, email and physical address). This information is used for promotions or intentions of support. The selected members to be part of the studies of cases of BudaMail have the option to terminate themselves calling or sending an email to Nevertheless, all the testimonies have permission of being published in
If you do not wish to thus continue receiving our bulletins are promotional, of related support or to invoicing, you will be able to be terminated following the instructions including in each bulletin or communicating with us via email to

Each one of the emails sent by BudaMail contains a connection automated in the part inferior of the email. In order to terminate itself simply it clicks in the connection in the part inferior of the page in the area to terminate itself and immediately it will be excluded from all the future shipments.

C. With that shares this website information:

We shared total statistics of our clients on their reserve and traffic diagrams with our partners and suppliers, but these statistics do not include any personal information. As the majority of the pages Webs is certain information that automatically is made pursuit him, including the URL of where you came, to what URL will go then, the navigator that you use and its direction IP.
Information collected by our supplier of credit card as, name of the client, names of the company, telephone number, direction of email and card number of credit is necessary them to be able to offer the service. They would not provide to Soluciones Web Ltda. this information to him. Our supplier of credit card has prohibited to use its personal information for any intention.
We used cookies to help the users to sail indeed between safe and nonsafe pages of our website. Cookies is a piece of information that an Internet page transfers to the hard disk of its PC to keep information. Cookies can make the most useful Web by means of the information storage of their preference. The cookies are standard of the industry and many of the important pages of Internet use them for being able to provide characteristic equipment to them to their users. The cookies do not identify the users but the computers of the users. The majority of the navigators initially is formed to accept cookies. If you prefer it, she can form his so that she does not accept them. Nevertheless, you will be able not to have all the advantages of the webpage if she does not accept them.

D. Seguridad:

We followed the standards accepted in the industry to protect the information provided to our company, during their transmission and when we received it. No transmission method in Internet or method of storage is 100% insurance. Therefore, we will strive to use acceptable methods commercially to protect its personal information, but we cannot guarantee that this safe one totally to him. If you have any doubt on our webpage us can send an email to

E. Reactivation service suspended by payment:

According to our policies with respect to the reactivation of the accounts suspended by delays in the payments they will change from the 01 of August of the 2015. The accounts that are suspended by delays in the payments, will be eliminated after 05 days of the date of suspension of the account.

Soon if the client wants to return to activate the account, she has an associate additional cost to the activation of the account, that will be proportional to the days that delay in the payment.

In case the client does not want to pay this cost of reactivation and wants to continue using our platform, she will have to create a new account and to raise all their information again, without having access to his reports and past campaigns unless she cancels the mentioned activation previously.

This policy of privacy can be reviewed with time as new characteristics are added to the webpage. We will be publishing these changes so that therefore you know that information we have collected, as we can use this information and if she is going away to present somebody. Please he examines this site for more information on our revisions.