Anti-Spam Policy


Conditions of use and Anti-Spam Policy

Please it reads this agreement carefully before acceding or using the service. When acceding to use the service, it is committed to respect our established terms and conditions next. Email4Web can modify this agreement at any time, and these modifications will enter use immediately after warning.

I. Use on watch

1. You must be able to verify when and where each contact subscribed to which it wishes to send e-mail messages. The bought or rented lists of subscribers are not allowed and any use of these lists will be in the immediate cancellation of its account.
It must make sure that it has the consent of all the subscribers to receive e-mails of you. All the email addresses of the lists must be valid.
The complaints of the subscribers related to the Spam see in direct violation of these terms and conditions, and can give rise to the immediate suspension of the service and the possible closing of their account. If its account is cancelled as a result of a violation of these “Terms of Use?, you will not be eligible for a reimbursement of any type.
If for some reason some of our IP falls in black lists due to the evil use of our service on the part of the client, this one will have to be made totally responsible pay fines, that can get to surpass in some cases the $500,000 pesos.

2. The complete size of the message could not be superior to 2MEGABYTE. We reserved the right to limit the types of allowed archives.

3. You are not authorized to erase and to return to concern new contacts in a monthly account. (Example: to contract plan of 25,000 contacts and to send to 100,000 contacts by means of the elimination and the import of new contacts in reiterated occasions).
Continuously we will monitor its shipments and action, to verify that its cup of post office bounced not this over the average.
When they are sent a great number of e-mails to nonexisting or nonvalid directions, too many resources are used and increase the risk of which the servants fall in black lists or are blocked.

4. The post office must include a bond of visible desuscripción.
Any mail that sends desuscripción request must be eliminated of its data base immediately and mainly before sending another mail to diminish the risk of denunciations and of falling in black lists by Spam.

5. Each list will have to indicate a legitimate physical address (real) for each shipment that you do.

II. Prohibited activities

In relation to his use of the Site and/or the Services, you recognize and accept that she will not be able:

1. To transmit any content of the message, information, data, texts, software or image, or of another type who is illegal, harmful, pursuing, slanderous, obscene, or of another disagreeable way who can invade the right of another one to the privacy.

2. To send or to transmit any material that contains corrupt virus or data.

3. To publish or to transmit any publicity nonasked for, material promotional, “mail trash?, “Spam?, “pyramidal letters in chain?, “schemes?, etc.

4. To break any local, state, national or international law.

5. To load or to transmit any material that infringes any patent, trademark, commercial, right secret of author or other rights of property.

6. In order to assure a optimum delivery we have very strict rules on the content and the shipment of e-mails. The following types of e-mails and/or industries are not allowed (without exceptions) for use of our service:

  •  Paid lists (of any type);
  •  Rented or given lists (of any type);
  •  Sexually explicit pornography or e-mails;
  •  Illegal substances, illegal goods of any type;

III. Passwords and Security

You are the only person in charge to maintain the security and confidentiality of his account and password. You totally responsible for the activities and conducts of all its accounts. You commit yourself to immediately notify to Buda Mail any nonauthorized use of your account or any other violation of security.

BudaMail will not be responsible for some loss that you can incur as a result of which another person uses her password or counts, or with or without his knowledge. Nevertheless, you can be responsible by the losses suffered by BudaMail or another part because another person uses her account or password.